Here we are again.  Some of you may remember my previous blog (A Year in the City of Light), chronicling my freshman year studying abroad in Paris.  Well, now that I've spent a year in the States, I figured it was high time to go on another adventure; this time, though, I'm heading to Tel Aviv, Israel, for my junior year at NYU.

In T-9 days, I'll be boarding a flight to take me to Tel Aviv, where I'll spend the next nine months (minus winter break) studying, traveling, and living.  It still feels kind of surreal -- maybe it'll hit me once I have to pack my life into a suitcase.  Having already spent a year abroad, most of the nerves are still absent, leaving me just with the excitement that comes from new experiences.  I'm thrilled to have this opportunity, and I plan to make the most of it, so come along for the journey!